Bid Wars: Storage Auctions App Reviews

71 add

This game is so fun!!

You need to play this, is exactly like the tv shows!!


I found this game good!it can be better,but actually I really enjoy it!i am not a bider but on this game ...bring it on!


This is addicting.

My review

Love this game I play it all day but I have a request that all the objects that we buy we could sell in our own store and some people can pay for it !!! If you can make this request possible then I will rate and write a AWESOME review and give you 5 stars !!!!!!!! Please make this possible !!!!!!!!!


I really really like this game! But adds get in my way too often.

Great game!

Good way to pass time!

Love it bit needs more items

Needs more items


It is good but way 2 easy

Fun way to kill time

Fun game

Could be better

Hard to beat a computer game that knows pretty much the price of a locker and runs the price to your profit margins Fun game. I would like to see more hidden merchandise added. Also like to see better odds of making profit on bids they make $100 increases till 2000 then jump to 200 and at 4000 make 400 increases average locker cost is around $3400-4800 and most of time you take a loss Con!!! the game requires energy so you cant play very long Your playing against a computer thats just out bidding you all the time and has no money cap as you do

Needs more items to find

I like playing this game, but I wish there was more items to find and make it so the characters dont make it so you dont make any money

Fun and addictive

This game has lead me to May hours of fun


One of the best games I ever played


I love this game but I dont think that theres enough items to find. Please make more.

Love it

So addicting

Save data?

I was playing and i was at rank 7 and i got to 10 and wheni got back on im back at 7 helllppp

Fun Game

This is such a cool game!!! Help pass the time!!!

Great game love it very fun

Great game love it very fun only wish I could go against other players

Great Game

I think this game is really fun and there is a lot of things u can bid on



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