Bid Wars: Storage Auctions App Reviews

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Very enjoyable game.

Change Back!

I had a lot of fun playing this game until the energy bar was introduced. Now it feels like youre trying to get more money from people to even play like you used to be able to.

I love it!!!!

Told my 23 year old daughter to try it she is hooked ... It takes forever to get to next level ... And replaying the same lockers over and over gets dull but it passes time and is Fun ... Def worth a try *


Really fun app!


Fun way to pass time. It takes a really long time, though, to achieve each level. Requires patience.

Enjoyable Game!!!

I am really happy and satisfied with this game! It is very easy to learn and I have had zero problems with it thus far! I play this game to de-stress and it works like a charm!

Great Game!!

So far Im loving this game!! Makes me want to go to a real storage auction!! Lol

Worthwhile on a rainy day


This is a cute fun game. Bidding on storage units and make money like in real life. Dont have to spend money only if you want to move up faster but Im doing great without using real money. Have fun

Fun way to kill time

Fun game

Could be better

Hard to beat a computer game that knows pretty much the price of a locker and runs the price to your profit margins Fun game. I would like to see more hidden merchandise added. Also like to see better odds of making profit on bids they make $100 increases till 2000 then jump to 200 and at 4000 make 400 increases average locker cost is around $3400-4800 and most of time you take a loss Con!!! the game requires energy so you cant play very long Your playing against a computer thats just out bidding you all the time and has no money cap as you do

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